Making a loan at a bank

Today, loan programs are in great demand among s, because of the difficult economic situation in the country, almost every person takes a loan at least once in his life. Since the demand for such services is constantly growing, then the proposals are beginning to take on a different character. For example, today it has become possible to obtain a […]

Poles have no problem paying off debts

For the second quarter in a row, we can observe a growing share of households that are able to pay off their financial obligations without problems. More exposition at The good situation of borrowers In just one quarter it increased from 58.4 percent. up to 62 percent and this is the best result in the entire history of research […]

Bank tax charged to the customer’s online loan

Banks, credit unions, insurance, and loan companies – for these institutions, since February 1, 2016, the tax has increased, by 0.44% in value of assets. It would seem that the increase is small, and the average client of these institutions should not feel the difference. So why did the topic of rate increases become number one? Banks with additional costs […]

Interest calculation installment loan.

A simple percentage interest calculation, which is based on the total loan amount, does not take into account that the borrowed loan amount decreases with every installment paid and that the interest rate also decreases. To calculate an installment loan, it should be noted that the interest is always calculated as a percentage of the remaining loan amount. The more […]

Non-bank loans not for debt

If so, you probably know what their services are about. Their main products are online loans, in installments, i.e. financing in the form of quick cash injections, for various circumstances. Have you ever used the services of non-bank companies? When is it worth using such an additional financing option and what is worth remembering so as not to fall into […]

Utility loan – how to get it?

  Public utilities are getting higher every month, but the salary remains the same. It’s good that there is no heating season in the summer and you don’t have to pay much, but with the advent of cold weather the housing and utilities repayment is of a different nature, you need to pay a very large amount for heating, and […]